Life's an adventure - let's go exploring

Hi there,

I'm a 23 year old Canadian fellow, who's fascinated by the potential of the little plastic brick we all know and love. When I look at Lego, I don't see a simple toy. What I see is a beautiful system of interlocking ideas, which present to me not only the ability to create, but somehow seem to create themselves. As I build, I find that my creations transform throughout the process, being shaped as much by my imagination as the medium that they are created in. 

Aside from my time spent rustling around with plastic bricks, I am also a surveyor of the great outdoors who is always ready for another adventure in the Rocky Mountains or beyond. In my spare time you might also find me nestled in the pages of a good book, whipping up baked delicacies for later enjoyment or traveling down a bike path in the depths of Edmonton's river valley. For work, I spend my time as a metallurgical engineer, fighting corrosion and keeping the world running one day at a time.

Soli Deo Gloria