Endless Possibilities, Infinite Combinations

When I look at Lego, I see art waiting to happen.  To me, Lego is more than just a toy. It's a way of giving substance to a story, of turning words into worlds and making ideas come to light.  A single brick is the starting point, but it is never the end. As I build, a symphony of interlocking pieces becomes part of a greater whole with each part complementing the next. What starts as a single point expands to encompass an entire ensemble. As words form writing, so bricks build art and while the pieces are not unique, the end result is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Playing with the future

Building in the realm of science fiction is one of incredible possibilities. It holds within it the potential to imagine what might be, to wonder at the unknown and somehow bring these concepts down to earth. While we never know what the future holds we are creating it day by day, with each action we take and each brick that we place.

Hurricane Fleet
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Square blocks, lifelike characters

Bringing out the essence of an emotion through art is never easy, especially when you're forced to work with squares. But even in a rigid medium, it's always thrilling experience trying to capture the essence of a character. And in character building, more so than any other LEGO style, a single brick can make all of the difference.

The world of fantasy - where imagination thrives

If you could create anything you wanted, what would you build? That's the question that fuels the fires of creativity and finds it's home in the realm of fantasy. From monsters to dragons or futuristic designs fantasy has room for pretty much everything.

The Last of Us

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And More...

Plastic modelling 

The process of reducing an everyday object to the bare essentials while keeping the essence of its design is both fascinating and frustrating. Maintaining the core identity of a material item using a different medium stretches one's skill in a different way than that of original ideas. Yet the creative process is all the more enjoyable for it.


Everyday Objects

Landscape and Tree Designs